Author: Melanie Lopata

Persistence and positivity are the factors that drive author Melanie Lopata. With four books published, a fifth on the way, and a sixth in progress, Melanie is no stranger to the self-publishing world.  Her books have been received with great reviews and range in genre from picture books to an upcoming full-length novel.

            Falling in love with writing occurred at a young age for Melanie. She believes that reading was the initial starting point of her love with words.  In 2013 she finished writing her first book, Hammy’s New Home.  It wasn’t until her husband encouraged her to publish it that Melanie entered into the world of self-publishing. 

            Faced with a new experience, Melanie researched illustrators, learned formatting, and tackled the process of self-publishing.  Two years later, Hammy’s New Homewas published.  Once she learned the formatting, “the second book was much easier.”  

            Her favorite part of the self-publishing journey? “Clicking that publish button!” In fact, Melanie enjoyed the process so much, she added the title of “Self-Publishing Consultant” to her editing business.  After being asked by so many other people how to actually self-publish,  people now hire her to guide them through the process. “I love seeing the end product; it’s so rewarding, and to think I helped someone get there is a great feeling.”

            Certainly that passion is evident in her newest book, Border Buddies(see links below to purchase). An early reader’s chapter book, this book is the first of a series of books involving her own two border collies. Melanie describes the new series as one of adventure. “The dogs go on adventures, meet new friends, learn lessons and get a new brother (my third dog who isn’t a border collie).” These early reader’s chapter books are easy to read “and have lessons such as patience, kindness, and acceptance.”

           We are all given one life to live.  I asked Melanie, “You’re accomplishing great things. What advice do you have for someone who has a dream and wants to become an author?”  Melanie emphasized  to “just write!” She referenced the positivity that drives her work, “Make sure you have enough encouragement in your life and stay away from people who put you down, or say you can’t because that’s not true!” That positivity has certainly helped Melanie become a prolific writer and an excellent editor.  “Any dream can come true!”

I had to ask the most important question of all, and I saved it for last. “Coffee or tea?” Melanie is an avid coffee lover! Mystery solved.   Spend some time in her work, and garner some inspiration from Melanie Lopata.

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